• Main Business Activities

Main Business Activities

1)Hands-on business support
Talking from my personal experience, crossed wire communication throws up a big challenge for the Japanese dealing with India from day one. When you say India as a hole, then you might be wrong as India is such a huge country with so many languages and so many religion, it is not possible to describe India in a single way.A country with a land area and population 10 times larger than Japan's, it is quite natural that the people who live there speak different languages depending on the region and have a different thought process. A nation of young people, with an average age of about 30, offers a huge market, but if you want to enter this mega market, it's not hard to imagine that it's not easy to figure out where to start, how to start, and with what kind of people to collaborate to formulate the right business plan.We, at IBC, think and discuss together with those who have such problems, and painstakingly come up with the right direction. For this purpose, I’d be personally glad to discuss with you putting my experience, knowledge, and personal connections in India, having been involved with India for about 30 years, starting with the New Delhi branch of the Bank of Tokyo (now Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) to use. I will be even more glad if you show the enthusiasm to use every bit of my expertise to the fullest, rather than just waiting for a solution to come from us.

2)Public Project Consultation
China vs. G7+4 (India, Australia, South Korea and South Africa). The global supply chain is on the verge of a major transformation. India is also heavily dependent on China. India, the world's leading supplier of generics, imports about 70% of its API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) from China, and most of the lithium-ion battery cells that are the heart of EVs are also made in China. For this reason, Indian Prime Minister Modi is promoting the development of indigenous technologies with the aim of creating a "self-reliant India”.However, the development of technology cannot be done overnight. For this reason, India is aiming to acquire advanced technology from countries other than China. In Japan, JICA, JETRO, METI, and other organizations are working to support the transfer of technology owned by Japanese small and medium enterprises to India. We provide support for those who want to take advantage of government support (extended based on open application). For more details, please see the following specific examples.・SDGs Business Verification Survey with the Private Sector for fostering the Lithium ion Battery Industry with technology transfer of manufacturing cells suitable for use under high temperature in India・SDGs Business Model Formulation Survey with the Private Sector for introducing a simple PCR test kit to improve medical services for infectious disease in India・Small and Medium-Size Enterprise (SME) Partnership Promotion Survey for introducing self-diagnostic aid, Breast Care Grab for early detection of Breast Cancer in India

3)Recruitment consultation
“Self-reliant India," advocated by Prime Minister Modi of India, aims to become a manufacturing hub that can play an important role in the global economy. The risk for a young nation is in employment generation. If India fails to create the necessary jobs for its huge youth population, it will lose its advantage and it can turn into a major crisis. For this reason, the Indian government is focusing its efforts, including government support, on the automotive and other industries that have the potential to create large numbers of jobs. However, if we take up the example of EV, India does not have the production technology for battery cells, which is the key to EVs, and is heavily dependent on China. As a result, the Indian government is making a concerted effort to acquire foreign-related technologies, outside China. For companies that want to avail of such a situation but lack the relevant engineers, IBC will use its human network, such as Mr. Kazuo Chiba, a former Nissan engineer and the project manager of the world's first EV (ALTRA), to find the necessary engineers for the project.

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